Prof Kazuo Mori


The Kazuo Mori Student Travel Awards were established in 2015 to support student members’ travel to the SARMAC biennial meeting. The awards are named in honor of Prof Kazuo Mori, Executive Director of SARMAC from 2012 to 2015. Prof Mori is a creative scientist; a fearless leader of psychological science in Japan; an excellent teacher; an artist, author and illustrator of books for children and adults—and most of all, a tireless and generous advocate for students in the field of applied memory and cognition. Prof Mori is a champion of international collaborations—he works hard to bring international scholars together to work on large-scale projects and regularly hosts a productive meeting for applied cognitive researchers in Japan (The International Roundtable on Memory, IROM). Prof Mori currently works at the Faculty of School Education at Matsumoto University in Japan. You can read more about Prof Mori, his research and IROM, here.

Congratulations to the 20 award winners for 2019!

The next SARMAC meeting (SARMAC XIV) will be held in 2021. The exact date and venue is to be confirmed. The Society aims to support as many students as possible with Travel Awards. In 2019, 20 students from across the globe received Travel Awards ranging from $150-$550 (USD) to attend SARMAC XIII in Cape Cod, US. The call for applications is typically sent out 4 or 5 months before the biennial meeting. To ensure you receive the call for applications, contact the Executive Director and ask for your name to be added to the SARMAC mailing list. To be eligible for a travel award, you must be a student member of SARMAC, have student status at the time of the conference, be presenting your research at the conference, and be present throughout the duration of the conference. You can join SARMAC at any time (memberships run on the calendar year). Student memberships are only $10 per calendar year (without access to JARMAC) or $25 (with access to JARMAC online).