Kazuo Mori Student Travel Grant Award Winners

We recognize the high costs associated with attending international conferences, especially for students living far from the conference venue. The Kazuo Mori Student Travel Grants aim to reduce that cost, and in 2019, the Society provided 20 grants to the following recipients:

Adele Quigley-McBride – Iowa State University
Alyssa Sinclair – Duke University
Andrea Taylor – University of Waikato
Andrew Mills – University of Otago
Deanne Green – Flinders University
Dicle Capan – Koç University
Eric Mah – University of Victoria
Irem Ergen – Koc University
Isis Segura – Universidade Federal de Sao Paulo
Jaruda Ithisuphala – Kent State University
Jasmine Sagi – University of Haifa
Kristyn Jones – John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Laura Brumby – University of Tasmania
Liana Tkatch – University of Haifa
Lilian Kloft – Maastricht University
Maddy Jalbert – University of Southern California
Natali Dilevski – University of Sydney
Rachel Dianiska – Iowa State University
Ryan Burnell – University of Waikato
Sarah Deck – University of Sydney