SARMAC XI Registration

The conference registration fee structure is as follows:

  • Student Members of SARMAC $175
  • Student Non-Members $250
  • Professional Members of SARMAC $325
  • Professional Non-members $425

Amounts are in US dollars.

The difference between the registration fees for SARMAC members versus nonmembers is larger than the cost of SARMAC membership (25$ for students, $85 for faculty).  SARMAC membership confers several benefits (e.g., access to the Journal of Applied Research in Memory and Cognition, other publications of SARMAC, a warm good feeling) and no costs beyond the modest membership fee.  

If you are not a current member of SARMAC and wish to join, please click here.  Also click there if you are a SARMAC member but have not yet renewed your membership for 2015.  Joining/renewing should take only a few minutes and as soon as you receive your email confirmation of 2015 membership you can return to this page to register for SARMAC 2015 as a member.  

If you are not sure if you are a current member of SARMAC, then please email Executive Director Kazuo Mori and ask. 

The registration form will give you an opportunity to register for Sigi Sporer's Wednesday-morning workshop on effect size measures and meta-analysis ($75),  E. J. Wagenmaker's Wednesday-afternoon workshop on Bayesian data analysis ($75), purchase a lunch for the Women in Cognitive Science (WICS) Panel Discussion on Time Management ($5), and buy tickets for the closing banquet/dance on Saturday evening ($70).  There are a limited number of banquet/dance tickets.

Each person who plans to attend the conference is to pre-register him/herself.  One person can, however, purchase workshop and/or banquet tickets for others (e.g., if a supervisor wanted to pay for a student's admission to the workshop and/or dinner).

from 175.00
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This site uses a company called Stripe to collect registrant's payments.  Stripe accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. If you have difficulty then please email

E.J. Wagenmakers Bayesian Workshop
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Please select one of the category options under the "Register Here" image and click "add to cart." Register only for yourself. If you would also like to attend one or both workshops and/or purchase a sack lunch for the WICS Panel Discussion on Time Management (held over the lunch hour on Thursday) and/or attend the dinner/dance, purchase tickets (for yourself and/or others) by scrolling down adding to cart. Once you have made all of your selections, double click on the shopping cart to check out.


If you have already registered and wish to add to your order (e.g., if you foolishly failed to buy a ticket to the dinner/dance when you registered and now realize the error of your ways) you can do that.  Just indicate the number of tickets you want, click on ADD TO CART, then double click on the shopping cart icon to check out.