SARMAC Student Caucus Research Grants

The SARMAC Student Caucus Research Grants are available to support student-led projects run between November 2017 and January 2019.


These Research Grants aim to enable SARMAC students to conduct novel research in the field of applied memory and cognition, and to present this research in an invited symposium at SARMAC XIII (maximum $700 USD).

Application Timetable

Application deadline TBC
Caucus sub-committee meeting to finalise successful applicants TBC
Applicants receive notification TBC

How to apply?

Please click below to download a copy of the Application Form. Applications should be emailed as a single .pdf file containing all relevant attachments to

Click to download application form


Your application must include an academic CV and a letter of support from your supervisor. This letter should indicate whether your supervisor supports the project and deems it feasible for the time frame.

Who to contact for further information/queries?

Please email for further information or if you have any queries.


Applicants should be student members of SARMAC and available to present the proposed research at SARMAC XIV (details to be confirmed). Applicants must have student status on January 1, 2021 (NOTE: if not currently in a graduate program, you must clearly demonstrate how and where the research will be conducted). The research must be carried out in time for presentation at the Student Research Grants Symposium at SARMAC XIV.

Eligible Costs

Eligible costs include any items deemed essential for the project (e.g., participant payments, personnel). These items exclude computers and software normally provided by the university). All costs must be justified in the Budget section of the application form.

Assessment process

The applications will be reviewed by a sub-committee of senior PhD student members of SARMAC, chaired by Ryan Burnell (SARMAC Student Caucus President). Each application will be blindly reviewed by at least two people. Any ties will be resolved by a third reviewer.

Applications will be scored on the following criteria:

  • Quality and innovation: does the project have clear aims that are well justified? How innovative are these aims? Are they backed up by (clearly articulated) evidence?

  • Feasibility: does the project sound feasible for the time-frame? (i.e., must be ready to present at SARMAC 2019)

  • Benefit: how would you rate the practical/theoretical significance of this project?

  • Applicability: how well does the project fit within the scope of Applied Memory and Cognition?

  • Student capabilities: how well has the student articulated their proposed research within the word count? Is the project supported and deemed feasible by their supervisor?

SARMAC XIII 2019 Best Student Presentation Awards

The SARMAC Best Student Presentation Awards aim to recognize students who present outstanding papers and posters at each SARMAC conference. Students are shortlisted before the conference and then judged on the quality of their presentation at the conference. Congratulations to the inaugural 2019 recipients:

Best Paper

Kristyn Jones – John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Runner ups – Danielle Hett (University of Birmingham) and Andrew Mills (Otago University)

Best Poster

Rachel Dianiska – Iowa State University
Runner ups – Victoria Bridgland (Flinders University) and Philip Gustafsson (Stockholm University)