SARMAC Regional Meeting Down Under - Adelaide, Australia, 2018

February 6th - 8th

The SARMAC Regional Meeting Down Under is designed to bring together academics and PhD students in Australia who share an interest in applied cognitive psychology research. The event organisers share a common interest in eyewitness research, however the meeting will be suitable for attendees from a variety of research fields (e.g., forensic, cognitive, social). Over three days, attendees will have the opportunity to develop skills in computational modelling and Bayesian analysis, attend and participate in research presentations, and network in a friendly and relaxed environment.

And - in the spirit of good science and building collaborations - registration is free!

The Regional Meeting will include three workshops, designed to develop computational modelling skills and the learning of new statistical techniques and software. In particular, Dr Carolyn Semmler will deliver 'An Introduction to Maximum Likelihood Estimation for Signal Detection Theory applications to Eyewitness Identification Data', and Associate Professor Nathan Weber will deliver two workshops: 'An Introduction to Bayesian Analysis in Applied Psychology' and 'Using R to Visualise Data'.

If you are interested in attending the SARMAC Regional Meeting Down Under, or finding out more information, please visit:

For any queries, please contact Dr. Jennifer Beaudry ( 


We hope to see you there! 


Event hosts / organisers:

Dr. Jennifer Beaudry (Swinburne University of Technology)

Dr. James Sauer (University of Tasmania)

Dr. Matthew Palmer (University of Tasmania)

Dr. Carolyn Semmler (University of Adelaide)

Associate Professor Nathan Weber (Flinders University)

Professor Neil Brewer (Flinders University)


Alena Skalon, PhD student (Swinburne University of Technology)

Roy Groncki, PhD student (Swinburne University of Technology)

Laura Brumby, PhD student (University of Tasmania)