To register for SARMAC XII click here. Please note that early bird registration rates are available until 31 August, 2016.


                                                                    Early Bird Fee AU$ (Approx USD)                Regular fee AU$ (Approx USD)

Professional Members of SARMAC          $ 350.00 (250 USD)                                       $450.00 (320 USD)

Professional Non-members                       $ 500.00 (350 USD)                                       $600.00 (420 USD)

Student members of SARMAC                  $ 200.00 (140 USD)                                       $250.00 (180 USD)

Student non-members                               $ 300.00 (210 USD)                                       $350.00 (250 USD)


Please note that the difference between the registration fees for SARMAC members versus non-members is larger than the cost of SARMAC membership ($25 USD for students, $85 USD for faculty).  SARMAC membership offers several benefits (e.g., access to the Journal of Applied Research in Memory and Cognition, other publications of SARMAC) at no costs beyond the modest membership fee.

If you are not a current member of SARMAC and wish to join, please click here.  Also click there if you are a SARMAC member but have not yet renewed your membership for 2016. Joining/renewing should take only a few minutes and as soon as you receive your email confirmation of 2016 membership you can return to this page to register for the conference as a member.