Why you should join SARMAC


Full members have access to the Journal of Applied Research in Memory and Cognition (JARMAC).

Conference Benefits

All members pay discounted fees for conference registration—in fact, the discounted registration fee pays for the cost of membership.

awards and funding

Regular members can nominate colleagues for the J. Don Read Early Career award and apply for Regional Meeting Grants. Student members can apply for Student Research Grants.

Become a member today. Please note that membership is on a calendar year basis (from Jan 1st - Dec 31st).

Who may join?

The Society has four categories of membership for researchers and students in psychology or related disciplines.  People who are not researchers or students can join as Affiliates of the Society. Regular members may choose the 2-year payment options with a $10 reduction. *Membership is on a calendar year basis.*

Member Types Journal (JARMAC)
Annual Fee 2-year payment option
Regular Paper journals US$90 US$170
Regular E-Journal US$85 US$160
Student E-Journal US$25 not available
Affiliate E-Journal US$25 not available
Second/ Family E-Journal US$25 not available
Student/Affiliate/Second/Family No Journals US$10 not available

To Join or Renew


Please purchase one of the following membership options.  Contact Kim Wade, Executive Director - SARMAC, at k.a.wade@warwick.ac.uk for further help or information.

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