Call for new SARMAC Publications Committee member (Jan, 2017)

Deadline: Friday 3 March, 2017

SARMAC is seeking nominations, including self-nominations, to fill an open position on the Publications Committee. The term begins immediately and runs for 3 years until Dec 31, 2019. Prior editorial/publication experience would be helpful, but is not essential.

The committee is composed of 5 members: the Past President of SARMAC, who serves as Chair, the President, and 3 members of the Society who are not on the Board and are elected by a majority vote of the Board, each for a 3-year term, staggered and renewable, or until the end of their tenure on the Board, whichever is shorter.

Now, the current members — other than Past President (Chris Meissner) and President (Deryn Strange) — are Iris Blandon-Gitlin (2017-2018) and Karen Mitchell (2017-2019). The open position is for a SARMAC member who is not currently on the Board.  

The responsibilities of the Publications Committee are to:

  1. Evaluate the value of Society Journals to the Society and to applied research in memory and cognition;

  2. Assess and to recommend ways to improve the quality and impact of Society Journals;

  3. Review procedures for the selection and tenure of Journal Editors and Associate Editors of Society Journals, and recommend changes to those procedures;

  4. Recommend to the Board the Editors and Associate Editors of Society Journals;

  5. Evaluate the continuation of Journals as being SARMAC Journals, and to explore the establishment of new Society Journals.

Nominations of persons with journal interests that, in the judgment of the Chair of the Publications Committee or the Board, compete with those of a SARMAC journal may be rejected without comment.

Please send nominations to Kim Wade ( by Friday 3 March, 2017. Nominations should include a current CV and a completed Publications Committee nomination form