Graduate Training in Legal Psychology

Graduate Training in Legal Psychology:  Funded Doctoral Fellowships available at the House of Legal Psychology (Maastricht University, University of Gothenburg, University of Portsmouth) The House of Legal Psychology – a unique consortium of three centres of excellence in the field of Legal Psychology in Europe – offers an exceptional educational programme to PhD students.We are now enrolling EU-funded PhD fellowships for September 2014 and welcome competitive applications from students keen to pursue doctoral education in the field of psychology and law.This Erasmus Mundus programme combines the expertise of three universities in this field: Maastricht University (The Netherlands), University of Portsmouth (UK) and University of Gothenburg (Sweden) and offers opportunities for PhD research in the following areas:Detecting Deception

Interviewing Witnesses and SuspectsLegal decision-making and evidence
Eyewitness memory: Recall and recognition
Policing and Investigations
Jury Decision Making
Child and Adult Victims in the Legal System

(For a full list of topics see: Erasmus Mundus programme, which is conducted in English, also offers a unique opportunity to study at two high-profile European institutions and graduate with a joint or dual PhD award.  All institutions in the programme offer high calibre educational and training opportunities for graduate students and the programme has been formulated by research leaders in the field.Full details of research topics and application details can be found on  Deadline for applications is 15th December 2013.Faculty for the programme include:Professor Peter van Koppen

Professor Harald Merckelbach Professor Pär-Anders Granhag 
Professor Aldert Vrij
Dr Leif Strömwall 
Dr Lorraine Hope
Dr Robert Horselenberg
Dr Melanie Sauerland
Dr Sara Landström
Dr James Sauer
Dr Karl Ask
Dr Emma roos af Hjelmsäter

Initial questions about the programme or application procedure should be directed to the programme secretary, Chantal Meertens (